Scientists investigate that which already is;

Engineers create that which has never been. - Albert Einstein

Current Projects

Mobile robots and physical computing are my constant passions, so I couldn’t turn down a design engineering job with iRobot Corporation. From early January to late October 2011, I worked on the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) with iRobot’s Government and Industrial Robots division. Still with iRobot, I have now moved to the Home Robots Division and am working on Sustaining Engineering for the Roomba 700 Series vacuum robot.  These positions include traditional mechanical engineering design (3D modeling of parts, assembling and testing prototype hardware, stress and strain calculations, and tolerancing) as well as constant interfacing with electrical and software engineers in a systems approach.

On the side I’ve built a differential-drive robot with rack and pinion steering using LEGO and started working on integrating motors (DC and servo) and have been teaching myself the Arduino microcontroller to control its movements. After basic navigation and trajectory tracking will come adding sensors, signal diodes and buzzers, then more interesting artificial intelligence.

Academically, I’ve taken several computer science graduate courses over the past year with Stanford online, planning to incorporate higher artificial intelligence and probabilistic reasoning into my robots.

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I am a mechanical designer and systems engineer living in the Greater Boston Area. From early January 2011, I have worked as a mechanical engineer and robot applications engineer at iRobot Corporation.  I began on the design engineering team of the SUGV military robot for bomb disposal and reconnaissance, and now I am doing sustaining engineering on the Roomba 700 Series vacuum cleaning robot. I graduated from MIT at the beginning of  2011 with dual bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Comparative Media Studies. My concentration was in Control, Instrumentation, and Robotics, in which I took many computer science and electrical engineering classes.

I have always been a tinkerer, a builder, and an artist, so I love the systems approach to robotics: designing, building, testing, and debugging. I subscribe to a team approach to product design, combining experts in mechanical design, electrical engineering, and software development to form a high-energy and collaborative environment. Through growing up on a family farm, and there becoming used to constant problem solving, I appreciate seeing elegant, well- engineered solutions which are aesthetically and simply carried out.

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Recent Works